Below are links to several video clips of our last Morning Smarts presentation. There are also a couple of links to PDF's with information about the presentation. There are also links to other helpful information PDF's such as our presentation about our new spot varnish methods for our new Canon digital printer and ideas for designing for digital presses, plus a PDF to show some of the cool keyboard shortcuts available on InDesign.

Neenah Tools (movie clip)

QRandAR codes (movie clip)

WCP name (movie clip)

Why Print (movie clip)

Cost Compare'11 (pdf)

qr code info (pdf)

Spot Varnish Instructions New, for our Canon Digital Press

Digital Design Hints

InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts








Morning Smarts

There has been such a great response to our series of Morning Smarts that we're in the process of planning more.

If you have a subject that you would like us to cover, let us know. Contact Katie Watts at

Morning Smarts is an educational series during which we will cover issues we believe will benefit our customers, saving them time and money.

There will be the usual chance for you to enjoy a cup of Joe or Juice and learn, or refresh, your skills.

Click here for Morning Smarts Schedule