What our customers say about us..
“Thank you for your great work. The diligence and extra mile went far with the client. Having it done ahead of schedule and done correctly was very good.

I also need to compliment you and your team on the manner in which you handled your press checks. There were several very important things you all did that made the press check experience refreshingly pleasant. Thank you for the attention given to our needs from you and Doug, Chris and Bub. Thank you for the delightful conversation and the serviceful responsiveness from Doug and Bub when we needed another pull from press.

I did not feel pressured to sign off on the project until I was happy. Thank you for that. I also appreciated meeting in the conference room with good natural lighting to view the work. Unfortunately, many press check scenarios are not as attentive to the environment in which the work is seen. I have been in press checks where we check on the press floor where there is almost no light and a lot of very distracting noise. I have also experienced very pushy salesmen and impatient pressmen who would rather have us sign whether we're happy or not, all the while explaining there is nothing else that can be done. I watched as Doug and Bub were proactively making suggestions and giving us their honest, professional opinions.

In short, thank you for a job well done.”
- Shay Spaulding. Firetongue Creative, Eagle
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